Juggling Clubs

Juggling Clubs

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Juggling Clubs Learn To Juggle

Juggling Clubs Juggling Clubs

Juggling Clubs - Boxed Set

Great for beginner or professional juggler. Classically styled one-piece design molded in a special formula polyethylene that is flexible and resilient, yet tough enough to withstand maximum abuse. Each juggling club is properly balanced for juggling. So easy, someone without opposable thumbs could do it!

3 Precisely balanced, easy grip clubs, with illustrated instructions. These precision juggler's clubs feature an easy grip finish for more precise juggling. You'll juggle more confidently with the safe, soft rubber tips on each precision club.

Juggle for fun and good health. We've included a simple routine to get you started. Standard full length 17.5"


Juggling Clubs - Box Set of Three
Magic Shop Price: $29.95
Our Price: $14.95

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Juggling Clubs Learn to Juggle Video Juggling Balls


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